Keep pushing yourself

Last weekend, after I ran the Super and Sprint at Spartan Race Mallorca, I wandered around theĀ festival area and ended up at the rope climb where I stayed for a while. I talked to the volunteers, cheered people on and [ … ]

2018 Goals

With January almost being over, it’s time to write down my 2018 goals. I’ve set some goals for myself and divided them into 4 categories but they have 1 thing in common: Spartan Race. Spartan Goals Last year I managed [ … ]


Most of the time I don’t use gloves during an obstacle run. I know some people like to use them to have more grip but even without gloves my grip is strong enough to conquer the monkeybars or climb a [ … ]


Burpees, everybody hates (doing) them and that is probably why they are part of the Spartan Race. For those who don’t know, burpees are used as a penalty during a Spartan Race when you fail an obstacle. You get one [ … ]