2018 Goals

With January almost being over, it’s time to write down my 2018 goals. I’ve set some goals for myself and divided them into 4 categories but they have 1 thing in common: Spartan Race.

Spartan Goals

Last year I managed to get a 7 x trifecta medal and this year my goal will be a little bit different. The main goal for 2018 is to complete 3 Ultra races. So far, I’ve registered for the Tri-State Ultra and the Tahoe Ultra and I’m planning on registering for the Scotland Ultra as well. In 2017 I did the Ultra Beast in Valca and I quite enjoyed it. So let’s see if I can complete those 3 Ultras.

As of normal races, I will only run those in the UK and the two weekends in The Netherlands. If all this goes well, this will result in minimum 5 Sprints, 5 Supers, 2 Beasts and 3 Ultras. Since Spartan Race announced that the Ultra will count for a regular trifecta I would be able to get 5 x trifecta in 2018. But, unless like last year, the trifecta count will not be a goal.

Next to that, I want to try to complete the Hurricane Heat and Hurricane Heat 12 hours in order to get an Endurance Trifecta. Last year, I failed at the HH12 because I went in it with the wrong mindset. This year, I have an understanding of what I can expect and I will start with the Hurricane Heat first.

For a complete overview please visit the races page.

Fitness Goals

I’ve never been the fastest runner so one of the main fitness goals for 2018 is to work on my running speed. Although I’m not trying to compete with the elite or rank high in the results, I think being a bit faster will give me more satisfaction during and after the race. So my training will have the focus on distance (for the Ultra races) and speed. Qualifying for EC or WC is part of the goal but if I get faster I might run some races in the Age Group waves to see where I stand compared to others.

Last year, I completely ignored strength training. That was a mistake I will not make again in 2018. I’ll try to be consistent and do 2 or 3 strength training workouts per week. Those workouts will mostly be big compound lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift). I know that the combination of strength training and running results in being mediocre in both and not good in one, but since being a top finisher is not part of the goal, it will be ok.

Professional Goals

Last year I started my own personal training business (next to my day job in IT) and it took off very well. This year I want to continue on the same path but want to focus a little bit more on OCR related training. To achieve this I will get the Spartan X and Spartan SGX certification and try to become a Spartan Obstacle Specialist. Next to OCR training, I will remain on the course to get people more healthy and fit. The main goal here is that by the beginning of 2019, I can work one day per week less in my day job so I can focus more on the coaching business.

Blogging Goals

I started this blog to document my chase for trifectas in 2017 but I failed big time in keeping this blog active. So let’s try again this year.

I’m planning on writing more about my training, both cardio and strength. reviews of the races, but also everything around the races – traveling, experiences and people I meet. Besides writing, I also want to take more pictures and make more movies.

Did you already set your 2018 goals? How are you making sure you are going to smash them? Let me know in the comments!

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