About the blog

This blog is dedicated to my quest to collect as much Spartan Trifectas as possible during 2017. Doing this will bring me to several European countries and will be an adventure and this blog will be my journal for this journey.

I will keep you – the readers – updated with posts about my training, traveling and racing. The reason for this is that I want to share the experiences that will come along with my (crazy) adventure. If you like my posts, don’t hesitate to comment on them and share them with your friends. Questions and remarks are welcome. You can contact me via the contact page or via social media.

About Wim

Spartan Race PeterboroughBorn in 1980, I always had a passion for sports. It started with judo as a little boy and continued with weight training and – after an injury – cycling. Later I found the love for weights and started running to improve my endurance.

Late 2014 I discovered obstacle course racing and the love for the sport grew with every race I ran. It started with a few local races in Belgium, called the Spartacus Series. In 2015 I completed all 5 of them, along with a few others. Also in 2015, I discovered the Strong Viking races. These where a lot more demanding and spectacular and thus more enjoyable.

2016 was supposed to be a great year but unfortunaltly, due to my wife’s pregnacy and the birth of my second daughter and some injuries I didn’t run as much races as I wanted, but I did manage to crush my one big goal for that year, running the Iron Viking, 42 km and more than 100 obstacles.

2016 was also the year that I got introduced to Spartan Races. My first Spartan Race was the Poland Beast, followed by the Peterborough Sprint and Super to complete my first Trifecta. With this, my hunger for the trifecta was born.

For 2017 I only have one goal: earn as much Trifectas as possible.