Burpees, everybody hates (doing) them and that is probably why they are part of the Spartan Race. For those who don’t know, burpees are used as a penalty during a Spartan Race when you fail an obstacle. You get one try at every obstacle and if you fail, you have to perform 30 burpees. And I can guarantee you, doing 30 burpees really drains you and affects your race. It’s not just the time penalty but he first half mile after 30 burpees is really hard.

I did my first Spartan Burpees at the Beast in Krynica, even before the race started. I forgot my signed waiver at home and in order to get a new copy, we had to do 30 burpees. Needless to say that they sucked. During the run itself I had to do another 90 burpees. Once because I failed the balance obstacle, one time because I missed the spear throw and the last set because I didn’t complete the traverse wall.

During the Peterborough Sprint I had to do 2 times 30 burpees and during the Super I was lucky and managed to avoid the burpees by not failing any obstacle. And I can tell you, it makes all the difference in the world, not having to do burpees. But still, it was probably an exception so I have to be prepared to do burpees. And the only way to get better at burpees is to do burpees. So my plan is to do every day at least one set of 30 burpees for time. I know it will suck to do them, but after a while they will suck a lot less if I have to do them in a race.

How do you prepare for burpees? And do you actually hate them as much as I do?

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