Most of the time I don’t use gloves during an obstacle run. I know some people like to use them to have more grip but even without gloves my grip is strong enough to conquer the monkeybars or climb a rope. So In normal circumstances, gloves don’t have an added value for me. But the upcoming Valmorel Winter Sprint is not held under those normal circumstances. Most likely there will be snow and as we all know, snow is wet and cold.

I’ve never did an obstacle run in the snow, so I have no idea how my body will respond. But I can imagine that I will lose some grip if my hands become cold and wet. So I considered using gloves but normal running gloves wouldn’t be sufficient, I guess. If they get wet, and the will get wet, my hands will become cold as well and the same problem appears.

Neoprene gloves

But then it dawned on my: neoprene gloves, like the ones divers use. They might keep my hands dry and warm. So I went to the sporting good store and found myself a pair of 2 mm diving gloves from the brand Tribord.

I did a few cold morning runs with them – this morning is was -7 C in my hometown – and they kept my hands warm. They don’t have any palm reinforcements to keep your sense of touch, while staying warm. Of course, this is for underwater use but I think that 2 mm is thin enough to provide me good grip on the obstacles. And if not, I can still take them off and put them back on after the obstacle.

Besides the gloves I will not make big changes in my clothing. I’m planning on running in my kilt and my short sleeved OCR Belgium team shirt. I might wear a neoprene sleeveless shirt beneath it, but that is a decision I’m going to make on the day itself.

Like I said, I have no experience running in such an environment but as long as I keep moving I don’t have to fear hypothermia. I think.

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