Spartan Race Viennna Super 2017

The Course

Located on the Military Academy of Wiener Neustadt, the course for the Vienna Spartan Race Super was completely flat. I was particularly happy with this since this was my first time I would run two Spartan Races on the same day so I wouldn’t be too exhausted after the Super.

Since the Super and The Sprint were held on the same day, the Super followed the same course as the Sprint but with an extension. Most of the obstacles could be found on the Sprint part of the course, or so we thought. Because after the creek we had to wade through, we were given directions which resulted in a very long run without any obstacles. After a while, we realized we were not on the course anymore but found our way back on track. Because of this, we missed some of the obstacles of the Super course and ended up running only 10,73 km.
A few days after the race, I received an email from Spartan Germany in which they apologized for the mistake and they offered us a €40 discount on a future race.

The Obstacles

Most of the obstacles didn’t surprise me. Walls to get over, under and through are pretty common. Just like the rope climb, the atlas carry or the herculean hoist. New for me was the slackline and the Olympus. Although I saw a short video on how to take on the Olympus, just a few days before the race, it took me a lot of effort but I did not fail!

Just like in Valmorel, there was a nice combination rig with monkey bars, a straight bar, and a few handles. Switching from one to the other adds an extra difficulty to that rig. But as usual, I nailed the rig without any issues. Also, to my big surprise, for the first time, I did not fail on the spear throw. I have no idea how I did it, but the spear hit the target and didn’t fell out. So no burpees for me this time!

Overall, the Super was not too exhausting but I was – as usual – a lot of fun.

The Olympus



Since I managed to succeed on the spear throw, I only had to do 30 burpees, thanks to the slackline. Balance obstacles are nog strong side and although I have a slackline in my garden, I lost my balance after a few steps and had to put one of my feet on the ground. It will take me some practice but I’m sure that I will learn how to conquer this obstacle as well.


Distance: 10,73 km
Time: 1h22′
Elevation gained: 27
Burpees: 35
Kilometers Driven: 2230

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